Brain-Based Learning with Gifted Students

Available October 15, 2020
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DESCRIPTION: Our classroom communities are deeply invested in both development and learning; therefore it makes sense for teachers and students to know more about how these processes happen in the brain. Brain-Based Learning with Gifted Students is designed to join relevant research with engaging practice and extension activities. Each chapter centers on a specific brain-based concept for students and teachers to explore together. To maximize impact, the concepts are developed into four distinct sections: 

  • Rationale—a clear and concise research overview on why this concept works and matters
  • Classroom Practice—specific activities and reproducibles for teaching this concept in the classroom 
  • Extension Ideas—ways to stretch and deepen these activities based on the unique interests and needs of your students
  • Transfer Notes—discussion on how to apply this brain-based concept across other content areas

All activities and themes are aligned to the programming standards set by the National Association for Gifted Children.

Publisher: Prufruck Press