Brain-Based Learning with Gifted Students

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Brain-Based Learning With Gifted Students combines relevant research in neuroscience with engaging activities for gifted elementary students in grades 3–6. This book:

  • Teaches how development and learning processes happen in the brain.
  • Helps students and teachers explore specific brain-based concepts together.
  • Includes a concise research overview on why each concept works and matters.
  • Offers extension ideas to deepen the activities and strategies for applying each concept to other content areas.
  • Aligns to gifted programming standards.

Through the lessons in this book, students will learn how to cultivate curiosity, neuroplasticity, metacognition, empathy, and well-being. Grounded in research on the latest findings in neuroscience, this book empowers gifted education teachers with relevant information on brain-based learning.

All activities and themes are aligned to the programming standards set by the National Association for Gifted Children.

Publisher: Prufrock Press

Book Reviews

“What a treasure this book is for all elementary school children not only gifted students. The information and lessons about the brain challenges all students to develop new learning experiences. Children learn that their unique brain can develop new pathways in learning and new ways to engage in critical thinking.

As a former first-grade teacher and head of Midwest Reading and Dyslexia Clinic in Kansas City, I had many students who learn differently. Teachers that use this book can help their students explore and take charge of their own thinking. Unlocking the brain plasticity can help the child realize that the brain continues developing through adulthood.

This book should be a must-read for all educators, teachers, parents, and grandparents.”