Mind Matters Podcast: Social Connections and Self-Care at School
A Conversation with Emily Kirsher-Morris

“For even the most academically successful student, the social aspect of school can be incredibly stressful. When you add the complexity of being gifted or twice-exceptional, school can be overwhelming. On episode 29 we talk with Dr. Kathryn Fishman-Weaver about the social impact of the educational experience for gifted girls.”

Thank you Emily and The Mind Matters Podcast for inviting me for this important conversation.

3-Minute Podcast: Talking about Courage
The last 90 seconds of this 3-minute podcast may be the best thing you hear all day. As a researcher and author, my work explores how courage and storytelling can transform schools. So when my favorite seven-year asked if I would join her for a conversation about courage, my heart sang.

HerTomorrow: Unmasking Four Big Achievement Myths

“HerTomorrow Columbia 2018’s Dr. Kathryn Fishman-Weaver shares the results of years of research that truly unmasked myths our culture has thought to be true for years. Find out if you believe some of these myths!”

Thank you for the HerTomorrow community for the invitation to share these ideas.

Cultivating Courage in Schools

Why do we need courage in schools? What does it look like to cultivate courage in our schools? Check out this video originally prepared for a Speaker’s Series Lecture at Colégio Damas (Recifie, Pernambuco)