Nurturing Courage in Schools

What does it look like to teach and lead for courage? What does it look like to practice courage personally and professionally? How can we nurture courage in schools? These are some of the questions our school district has explored over the past 18 months.

When we make the difficult and right choice we see great rewards including new solutions, deeper connections, and safer schools. Watch the following video to learn more about cultivating courage in schools.


We made this video when Ana invited me to give a lecture to students and families at Colégio Damas (Recife, PE, Brazil). Thank you to the Damas community for the opportunity to reflect on some of the lessons we have learned about courage. Enthusiastic thanks also to Dale Hargis for his video talents.

How are you cultivating courage in your schools? Leave a comment to join the conversation.

Enthusiastically, Dr. KFW

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